Service and Repack 
Issued April 16, 2010

For quotes on servicing your existing
system, contact John Dunham, Manager,
or call 775-315-0133. 

Second Chantz is capable of servicing, repacking, or updating any ballistic parachute system built since 1980, except certified recovery systems built for General Aviation Aircraft, or systems that have excessive exposure to moisture.

BRS recovery systems service will be quoted on a case by case basis, and are not included in the pricing below. We are gearing up to handle BRS updates, and will publish a pricing guide soon. 

Most systems built before 1990 may need to be totally updated to a more modern deployment device and new container, be it canister or soft pack.  Since there are so many different types and styles of systems built over the last 25 years, we will need to handle each request for a quote on a case-by-case basis.  That means you must have any serial and model numbers from the system in question ready for our records, and a digital photo ready to e-mail for our inspection.  Keep in mind there are  slug fired systems, (pre 1990)  mortar fired systems,  (pre 1994) pyrotechnic rocket deployed systems, A.I.R. rocket  (compressed gas) systems out there, and each one will have  a different cost and path to bring it up to present standards. 

Some systems will have had extended moisture exposure and may be totally ruined and unserviceable.  Some systems will be less expensive than others to service. 

Second Chantz offers a free inspection before any work is commenced.

All systems must be disarmed and unloaded before transport to us for service.

This can be accomplished by telephone conference and instructions from us, or using instructions supplied by the original manufacturer.

Below is a general pricing guide downloadable in PDF format for repacking, or updating each model of Second Chantz parachute systems. These prices can vary, depending on the general condition of each system. 

Click on the guide sheet image below to download the PDF.

General Service Pricing