Specifications & Pricing Guide


*The Above Systems are offered  for   LSA/Ultralight Category Aircraft Such as Trikes, Quicksilver’s, M Squared,  Mini Max’s, etc.

*Ask about our higher weight, and increased airspeed capacity systems, to be announced soon.

*Price Includes Standard Machined Mounting Hardware,  Cable or Kevlar Attachment Bridles, and Activation  Cable.

*A 50% Deposit is Requested at the Time of Order.  Minimum delivery time will vary.

*Custom fabrication of Special Shaped Soft Packed Containers is Available. Surcharges May Apply.

* Shipping Cost on all A.I.R. Rocket Systems is additional

*  A.I.R. Deployed Systems can be returned shipped by the owner without restriction, after discharging system.

*Soft Packed Parachutes must be inspected and repacked within 2-5 year intervals, depending on Weather exposure

*Weight Capacity, Maximum Deployment Speeds have a 1.5  safety margin, as per ASTM requirements

Our Carbon Fiber Wrapped Pressure Cylinders come with a 5 Year DOT Inspection Cycle, and Must be Hydro tested at that time.  This applies ONLY if the system is to be shipped in Interstate commerce with pressure inside.  To have a system refilled, a 5 Yr Hydro inspection  is also a requirement.  A.I.R. rockets have been in the field for more than 18 years without pressure loss.  

*Prices and Specs are Subject to Change Without Notice